Thompson's Emergency Roof Seal (Black) 1L (32219)

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  • Use on small areas of damage
  • Can be applied in wet weather
  • Flexes with the natural movement of the roof
  • Dry immediately
  • Our Emergency Roof Seal will immediately fill and bridge small gaps and holes, even in heavy rain. It flexes with the natural movement of the roof for a tough, long-lasting, watertight repair.

    • Suitable for use on: All types of roofing including felt, asphalt, slate & tiles
    • Drying Time: Immediately
    • Coverage: 1sq. meter / litre
    • Colours: Black
  • Preparation- If it's raining: Brush away any ponded water from the area of repair.

    If it's dry: Get rid of any dust or dirt with a stiff bristle brush. Repair any structural faults, if needed.

    Application: Give the tin a really good stir. Use a brush for this job and apply a thick layer of paint over the area. Once it's stopped raining, you may want to re-inspect the repair and re-coat if required.

    Clean up: Clean all your equipment with white spirit.