Intertech Loyalty Program

Intertech has a loyalty program for all Pasir Ris clients.

This page is a placeholder, which can only be accessed by scanning the QR code on the Loyalty Card. Here we can provide:

  • A short welcome
  • Loyalty program information
  • Loyalty promotions
  • An invitation to shop online

Since Intertech has not yet set up a loyalty program for online shoppers, nor has any short term plans to invest in linking an offline and an online program, it makes sense to:

  • Offer loyalty members who order online a "manual" update of their loyalty credits
  • Offer loyalty members a way to convert their credits to online gift cards.

    In both cases, the easiest way is with a simple online form, where they can request to earn credits on an online order/purchase an online gift card. This form will be emailed and can be processed manually: simple and efficient for now. If this grows to hundreds of request per week, it starts to make sense to automate.
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