Tuscani Tapware TH-S2T - HYDROSMITH Series Basin Tap - Cold Taps

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Basin Tap comes with NIT1 Strong Flow Save Water Device

(APPROVED under WELS 3 Tick, Water Consumption 1.60 liters/min SKT/BT-2018/024441/SLS)

Simplicity Basin Tap that able to save between 40% to 70% of Water

NIT Save Water Device

  • Works Very Well under 0.5Bar Able to Save more then 40% of Water
  • Pressure 3 Bar 44psi Flow Rate 3.5l/Min 1.0gpm
  • Save Water, More Pressure! Save Water, Use Only What You Need! Save Water Without Sacrificing Performance!

Suitable for all Houses that use Cold Water Basin Tap

Perfectly use for Contemporary Design Home

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