T&J Electric RCD Safety Protection Socket Adaptor (K7813RCD) ***

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  • 13A/250VAC 3-PIN Socket adaptor with RCD
  • An RCD, or residual current device, is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire.
  • It can also provide some protection against electrical fires.
  • RCDs offer a level of personal protection that ordinary fuses and circuit-breakers cannot provide.
  • How does it work?

    An RCD constantly monitors the electric current flowing through one or more circuits it is used to protect. If it detects electricity flowing down an unintended path, such as through a person who has touched a live part, the RCD will switch the circuit off very quickly, significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury.

    • Product Range: Radiance
    • Rated Voltage: 220-250VAC
    • Dimension: 103 x 50mm
    • Compliant Standards: BS 7071
    • Maximum Power: ‰¤3000W
    • Tripping Current (Leakage): 10 mA
    • Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
    • Rated Current: 13 A
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