S&L Magnetic Diy Insect Screen Black 1.5mx1.5m

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  • Keeps your home safe from bugs and mosquitos
  • No drilling and cause no damage to your windows
  • Fix 2 Window Panels
  • Customizable Size, Reusable
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Steve & Leif's Magnetic DIY Window Insect Screen is a must-have and the most effective way to prevent pests and insects from entering your home. Hassle-free as the screen is magnetically sealed which can be removed and clean easily. The screen is designed that is almost invisible and cause no damage to your windows. No drilling is required, highly recommended for home owners.

  • Measurement: 

    • 1.5m x 1.5m

    Consist of : 1pc fibreglass mesh, 4pcs PVC strips (long), 4pcs PVC strips (short), 4pcs corner holder, 4pcs extension clips, 2pcs holding clips, 1pc adhesive magnet strip, 1 grooved magnet strip

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