S&L Gp Masking Tape 24mm 22yd

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  • White Crepe Paper
  • Indoor Paint Masking
  • Light Duty Packaging
  • Rubber Adhesive
  • Residue Free Removal
  • Solvent Free
  • Steve & Leif ® General Purpose Masking Tape is an indoor medium temperature (60 °C < 60mins) pressure sensitive masking tape suitable for most general contracting and painting purposes. The rubber based adhesive ensures instant adhesion to the surface applied on and removes cleanly from the surface when the work is done in normal indoor conditions (1-2 days without prolonged exposure to UV and weathering). The 140 microns thickness crepe paper is easy to tear yet strong enough to prevent bleed-through. Steve & Leif ® offers a wide variety of Masking Tape for normal to your most demanding needs.

  • Measurement:

    • 24mm x 22Y