Pest Stop SureGuard Snake Repeller

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  • Uses vibration to deter snakes
  • Safe for human and pets
  • No odour, no smoke, no poison, no chemicals, no mess!
  • Solar-powered
  • Weatherproof technology thus suitable to place in garden, patio, ponds etc
  • Can power up using an adapter or using batteries
  • Coverage area up to 3,000 sq ft (279 sq m)

Model: PEST STOP - 3000

  • Sureguard Snake Repellents have been developed as a deterrent for many kinds of snakes. They emit a pulsing vibration into the surrounding soil. This vibration can signal potential danger. Most snakes choose to avoid danger. This solar powered snake repeller is both functional and attractive. Ideal for pathways and gardens as it includes beautiful LED illumination at night. The solar panel works in full sun or cloudy conditions and the rechargeable backup battery provides extra power during the cloud or at night. Ideal for use in the garden or near camp sites

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