Pest Stop 800 Fc Premier Elec Fly Catcher

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  • Easy operation and lightweight
  • Safe for human and pets
  • No harmful poison needed
  • Chemical-free attractant used to attract flies
  • Night sensor to auto on/off the device
  • Low power consumption of 3 watts
  • Coverage area up to 800 sq ft (74 sq m)
  • No more annoying flies! 

    The Premier Electronic Fly Catcher works by using a specially formulated bait to lure flies into it coupled with a patented roller technology that traps flies within the plastic housing.

    The flies find the bait irresistible and will head for the device.The flies enter the device through these cleverly designed roller technologies and then finds it nearly impossible to escape.Before long, the flies will be rolled into the plastic housing and unable to escape.

    Unlike other traps in the market, the Premier Electronic Fly Catcher uses attractant to lure the flies into it.Once inside the housing,there is no way out for them until disposed of.This can either be done by the emersion of the housing in water or allowing the flies to die within the case.

    Thus, flies are less likely to stay around your premises and therefore have less chance of spreading the thousands of diseases they carry. Flies follow each other. They watch each other constantly. If one finds food, the others will gather. This fact is a big part of the success of the Premier Electronic Fly Catcher. As it traps the flies alive and their buzzing activity in the trap attracts many other flies to the trap. The buzzing flies release their own natural pheromones which aid in luring even more unwitting insects to the trap.

    Extensive use of insecticides has caused many housefly populations to develop resistance to chemicals that formerly killed them. Today, it is recognised that chemical insecticides not only harm the environment but pose a real threat to children and adults.

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