Pest Stop Mozzie Magnet V9

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  • Just plug-in
  • Easy to operate
  • Night sensor mode - auto on/auto-off
  • Uses photocatalyst technology
  • Safe for human and pets 
  • Low power consumption of 15 watts
  • No odour, no smoke, no poisons, no chemicals, no mess!
  • Emits carbon dioxide and mild heat to lure mosquitoes and flying insects
  • Funnel designed to prevent insects from escaping
  • Coverage area up to 1000 sq ft (93 sq m)
  • Pest-Stop professional V9 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet uses all of the proven mosquito attractants such as UVA light, CO2 and hears to draw the annoying and harmful insects away from your loved ones.

    It has been specifically designed to attract and control mosquitoes as well as the flying insects via the CO2, heat and UVA Lamp, which is similar to human's breath. The UV Lamp emits UVA rays with a wavelength around 365nm which proved to be most effective in attracting insects.

    It is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. The V9 photocatalyst mozzie magnet does not involve fogging, pesticides, bug zappers, repellents, citronella. Fogging, repellents and coils, often involve the use of chemicals that have the potential to be dangerous for both humans and the environment. The V9 photocatalyst mozzie magnet uses none of these chemicals methods in the control of mosquito populations. Unlike many other products, V9 photocatalyst mozzie magnet is 100% environmentally friendly.

    Now you can eliminate mosquitoes and control deadly viral diseases carried by mosquitoes and other flying insects, without using harmful insecticides or chemicals. Now, protect your family from disease-carrying mosquitoes with the V8 Photocatalyst Mozzie Magnet - A Scientifically proven mosquito control solution!

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