Pest Stop & Insect Killer-7W

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  • Just plug-in
  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful UVA light to attract insects
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in fan for better efficiency
  • Removable collection tray for easy cleaning
  • No poison, no chemicals, no traps!
  • Casing made from ABD fire-retardant material
  • Coverage area up to 300 sq ft (28 sq m) 
  • Pest-Stop® Professional electronic mosquito and flying insect killer combines the effort of UVA lamp in order to provide effective pest control.

    Taking advantage of insect phototaxis, the UV lamp emits UVA rays with a wavelength around 365nm which has proven to be most effective in attracting most insects.

    As the insects approach the unit, they are quickly drawn in with the suction fans thus killing insects from all direction.Contains no toxic chemicals or poisons and is safe for human and pets.It provides a clean living environment away from diseases caused by pests.

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