Old English Lemon Scented Aerosol 12.5oz/ 354G

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  • Furniture polish with Protective Shield Formula
  • Helps protect from watermarks & stains (mustard, wax candle and crayon)
  • Cleans, dusts and shines to bring out wood's natural beauty
  • Non-greasy, no residue build-up
  • Old English aerosol is specially formulated to work on all light, medium and dark wood surfaces

Model: OLD ENGLISH - 74035

  • Old English Furniture Polish, with Protective Shield Formula, goes beyond cleaning and dusting to help protect wood from everyday wear and tear*. Old English Furniture Polish is specially formulated to clean and help protect all light and dark wood surfaces thoughout your home, including: Kitchen Cabinets, Wood Furniture and Wood Paneling. Use regularly for even better protection. *Helps protect from watermarks and stains (mustard, wax candle and crayon)

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