Nippon Painting Accessories Set

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Nippon 70165 Crepe Masking Tape 1"
  • General purpose, strong adhesive.
  • Ideal for trim marking.
  • Easy hand tearing, yet resists slivering.
  • Easy removal without residue.

Nippon Plastic Paint Tray

  • Solvent resistant
  • For use with paint rollers
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimension : 9 Inch x 13 Inch

Nippon Long Hair Roller Refill Green 6"

  • Industrial paint-roller for all surfaces.
  • A supreme blend of high performance delivers top results.
  • German Technology.
  • High quality and area coverage.
  • Saves paint, no pile dropping.
  • Absorbs more paint through superior fibre quality.
  • Easy to apply and clean.

Nippon Euro Frame with Blue Handle 6"

  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Perfect for paint
  • Innovative and Easy to use

Nippon Plastic Drop Cloth 0.03mm

  • Non slip, waterproof, mildewproof.
  • Easy spread out, one-piece construction.
  • Protects against paint spills and splashes.
  • Cover vehicles & furnishings to protect against dust and dirt.

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