Nippon Paint Odour-Less All-in-1 (Pink and Red)

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Nippon Paint Pink Puff
Nippon Paint Sugar Pink
Nippon Paint Sweet Wreath
Nippon Paint Restful
Nippon Paint Little Cupcakes
Nippon Paint Snowbush Rose
Nippon Paint Felicia Rose
Nippon Paint Sweet Deal
Nippon Paint Soft Cushion
Nippon Paint Gypsy Song
Nippon Paint Sweet Dreams
Nippon Paint Too Shy
Nippon Paint Spring Song
Nippon Paint Candy Shoppe
Nippon Paint Home Sweet Home
Nippon Paint Pink Berret
Nippon Paint Just Divine
Nippon Paint Strawberry Ice
Nippon Paint Sweethearts
Nippon Paint Pink Rally
Nippon Paint Fire Princess
Nippon Paint Coral Expression
Nippon Paint Bubblegum Pink
Nippon Paint Love
Nippon Paint Talk of the Town
Nippon Paint Knockout Red
Nippon Paint Mauve Pink
Nippon Paint Pizazz
Nippon Paint Fashion Red
Nippon Paint Red Earth
Nippon Paint Fascination
Nippon Paint Raging Pink

Introducing the new breakthrough formula that reduces Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels to almost zero. Nippon Paint Odour-less all-in-1 interior wall paint. You get superb performance without the pollutant (VOC) emitted into the air. You will experience almost no paint odour during and after painting.

It's the ideal interior wall paint for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour.

Paint with ease:

  • Almost No Odour
  • Easy Application
  • Less Splattering
  • Excellent Flow & Leveling
  • Covers Hairline Cracks
  • Easy Touch-up
  • Excellent Coverage & Hiding Power

Superior results:

  • Classic Matt
  • Washable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Long-lasting Colours
  • Resistance To Fungus
  • Resistance To Fading & Chalking

Health benefits:

  • Almost No Odour
  • Ammonia-free
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Water-based Paint
  • Near Zero VOC
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • No Lead or Mercury added
  • Odour-less All-In-1 is an environmentally favourable green product formulated without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for interior use.

    Specially formulated with a solvent-free resin, it limits air pollutants and has an extremely low odour during application and drying.

    Being a GREEN product, it is especially ideal for use in eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas with high-frequency human traffic such as hospitals, schools, residential buildings and hotels.


    • Finishes - Classic Matt Finish
    • Coverage - 10 - 12 m²/L
    • Drying Time - 2 hour(s)
    • Coats - 2 coats
    • Pink Puff NP OW 1028 P
    • Sugar Pink NP OW 1033 P
    • Sweet Wreath NP OW 1041 P
    • Restful NP OW 1042 P
    • Little Cupcakes NP YO 1222 P
    • Snowbush Rose NP OW 1039 P
    • Felicia Rose NP OW 1040 P
    • Sweet Deal NP R 1306 P
    • Soft Cushion NP YO 1223 P
    • Gypsy Song NP R 1272 P
    • Sweet Dreams NP R 1257 P
    • Too Shy NP R 1313 P
    • Spring Song NP R 1258 P
    • Candy Shoppe NP R 1276 P
    • Home Sweet Home NP R 1271 P
    • Pink Berret NP R 1311 P
    • Just Divine NP R 1259 T
    • Strawberry Ice NP R 1266 T
    • Sweethearts NP R 1293 P
    • Pink Rally NP R 1304 T
    • Fire Princess NP R 1268 D
    • Coral Expression NP R 1275 D
    • Bubblegum Pink NP R 1294 T
    • Love 8115
    • Talk of the Town NP AC 2070 A
    • Knockout Red NP R 1281 A
    • Mauve Pink 1182
    • Pizazz NP AC 2081 A
    • Fashion Red NP R 1274 A
    • Red Earth 3168
    • Fascination NP R 1295 A
    • Raging Pink NP R 1302 A
  • Download the Nippon Paint Colour Guide here for free

    Download the Nippon Paint Colour Guide here.