Nippon Paint Odour-Less All-in-1 (Accent)

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Nippon Paint Shocking Yellow
Nippon Paint Jester Yellow
Nippon Paint Yellow Blaze
Nippon Paint Deep Marigolds
Nippon Paint Orange Bouquet
Nippon Paint So Orange
Nippon Paint Ripe Tomatoes
Nippon Paint Exciting Orange
Nippon Paint Hot Shot
Nippon Paint Cotillion Red
Nippon Paint Red Apples
Nippon Paint Alpha Red
Nippon Paint Fast Car
Nippon Paint Pink Floss
Nippon Paint Irish Charm
Nippon Paint Vivid Violet
Nippon Paint Marmalade Rush
Nippon Paint Purple Charm
Nippon Paint Rhapsody
Nippon Paint Deep Faith
Nippon Paint Blue Lighting
Nippon Paint Blue Mercury
Nippon Paint Fluid Blue
Nippon Paint Cobalt Blue
Nippon Paint Colleen Green
Nippon Paint Faraway
Nippon Paint Greek Legend
Nippon Paint Impressions
Nippon Paint Caramel Twirl
Nippon Paint Affogato
Nippon Paint Natural Highlights

Introducing the new breakthrough formula that reduces Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels to almost zero. Nippon Paint Odour-less all-in-1 interior wall paint. You get superb performance without the pollutant (VOC) emitted into the air. You will experience almost no paint odour during and after painting.

It's the ideal interior wall paint for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour.

Paint with ease:

  • Almost No Odour
  • Easy Application
  • Less Splattering
  • Excellent Flow & Leveling
  • Covers Hairline Cracks
  • Easy Touch-up
  • Excellent Coverage & Hiding Power

Superior results:

  • Classic Matt
  • Washable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Long-lasting Colours
  • Resistance To Fungus
  • Resistance To Fading & Chalking

Health benefits:

  • Almost No Odour
  • Ammonia-free
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Water-based Paint
  • Near Zero VOC
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • No Lead or Mercury added
  • Odour-less All-In-1 is an environmentally favourable green product formulated without VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for interior use.

    Specially formulated with a solvent-free resin, it limits air pollutants and has an extremely low odour during application and drying.

    Being a GREEN product, it is especially ideal for use in eco-sensitive commercial and residential areas with high-frequency human traffic such as hospitals, schools, residential buildings and hotels.


    • Finishes - Classic Matt Finish
    • Coverage - 10 - 12 m²/L
    • Drying Time - 2 hour(s)
    • Coats - 2 coats
    • Shocking Yellow NP AC 2049 A
    • Jester Yellow NP AC 2050 A
    • Yellow Blaze NP AC 2053 A
    • Deep Marigolds NP AC 2054 A
    • Orange Bouquet NP AC 2062 A
    • So Orange NP AC 2064 A
    • Ripe Tomatoes NP AC 2067 A
    • Exciting Orange NP AC 2068 A
    • Hot Shot NP AC 2069 A
    • Cotillion Red NP AC 2071 A
    • Red Apples NP AC 2075 A
    • Alpha Red NP AC 2072 A
    • Fast Car NP AC 2076 A
    • Pink Floss NP AC 2080 A
    • Irish Charm NP AC 2079 A
    • Vivid Violet NP AC 2082 A
    • Marmalade Rush NP AC 2085 A
    • Purple Charm NP AC 2090 A
    • Rhapsody NP AC 2094 A
    • Deep Faith NP AC 2093 A
    • Blue Lighting NP AC 2098 A
    • Blue Mercury NP AC 2099 A
    • Fluid Blue NP AC 2101 A
    • Cobalt Blue NP AC 2100 A
    • Colleen Green NP AC 2116 A
    • Faraway NP AC 2111 A
    • Greek Legend NP AC 2113 A
    • Impressions NP AC 2114 A
    • Caramel Twirl NP AC 2140 A
    • Fortune Cookie NP AC 2133 A
    • Affogato NP AC 2134 A
    • Natural Highlights NP AC 2136 A
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  • Download the Nippon Paint Colour Guide here for free

    Download the Nippon Paint Colour Guide here.

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