Nippon Gold Premium Brush 916 (various sizes)

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  • SP-Bristle, strong yet springy
  • Natural split ends, increase holding of paints
  • Suitable for all paints, surfaces & economic use

Application Instructions:

  • Pour a quart of the paint into a 4- 5 qt. pail as working paint. For best results from brushing, don't dip directly from the can.
  • Dip the brush bristles 1 to 2 inches into the paint to load the brush. Tap the tip of the brush against the pail to prevent dripping.
  • Start at the top with the loaded brush and stroke down toward the middle. The paint should flow smoothly onto the surface.
  • Quickly coat an area with several brush loads of paint, then blend and smooth it out by lightly running the brush tip over.
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