Nippon 5101 Odour-less Wall Sealer

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  • Low odour
  • Anti-fungus and algae resistance property
  • Good alkaline and efflorescence resistance
  • Good adhesion
  • Fast-drying for convenient recoating and overcoating

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  • Nippon Paint 5101 Odour-less Water-Based Wall Sealer formulated to prevent deterioration of emulsion paints by the alkalinity of surfaces. It is suitable for masonry surfaces and has low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) and almost no paint odour during application and drying.

    This wall sealer is recommended for use in interior plastered walls, ceilings, plaster, brickwork and wallboards. Based on specially formulated acrylic it is designed to provide maximum protection against alkali and moisture, enhancing the performance of topcoat.

    A water-based wall sealer stops liquid water from entering the surface but allows water vapour out. It is a breathable product that can be applied to brick, concrete block, stucco or any masonry material.


    • Finishes - Matt
    • Coverage - 10 - 12 m²/L
    • Drying Time - 2 hour(s)
    • Coats - 1 coat
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