Makita Measuring Tape 5.5m (B-57211)

Pick Up & Delivery Options
  • DURA Coat for 5 times more durable
  • SILICA Coat for easy note.
  • Installed damper to absorb the shock on a hook
  • Hook protector to reduce the shock on a hook
  • Tightly fixed hook with 4 revets + protector
  • 2-sided printing
  • Hook with magnet
  • Matte finish to easy to read scales
  • Standout
    • Makita Tape measure is highly durable & convenient. When the scales are blurred or hook is lost, that would be the end of its life. This measure is for professional having a special coated tape & hook protector's damper absorbing shocks to have great durability.

      • Length: 5.5mm - 18ft
      • Width: 25mm - 1"
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