Makita Cordless Robotic Cleaner 18V*2 LXT BL Brushless Motor

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  • Makita Model No: DRC200Z
  • Bare Unit, charger and batteries not included
    Compatible batteries: BL1830 (3Ah)BL1850 (5Ah) and BL1860 (6Ah)
    Compatible chargers: DC18RC (1 battery) and DC18RD (2 batteries)
  • Robotic Cleaner, suitable for Commercial/Industrial use
  • 18 V LXT BL Brushless Robotic Cleaner
    • Makita's Intelligent Robotic Cleaner For Commercial / Industrial Use
    • Automatic Cleaning thanks to many sensors with selectable two running modes: Random Mode Cleaning / Pattern Mode Cleaning
    • Cleaning Area Setting Function enables user to define a cleaning area
    • Able to clean an area of 300 m² per 120 min with a coverage rate of 80% (two BL1830B in parallel)
    • Large 2.5L dust box attachable / detachable from the top of the cleaner
    • Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in parallel; Able to run with a single battery thanks to parallel battery connection
    • BL Brushless DC motor: All motors are energy-efficient and highly durable BL Brushless DC motor
    • On-Timer allows for automatic cleaning at night in a deserted office, warehouse, etc
    • Selectable Two Dust Collection Modes; "Vacuum Plus Power Brush Mode" for collecting both small and large debris; "Power Brush Only mode" for collecting large debris only
    • Large Side Brushes enable to clean alongside walls, around obstacles or tight corners in either of the running modes
    • LED Warning Lamp for filter maintenance will warn you with buzzer and LED light if air filter becomes clogged
      Wireless Remote Controller of 20m communication range for finding cleaner location after cleaning is finished and for start / stop control
    • Obstacle Detection with Ultrasonic Sensor and Bumper Sensor
    • Four IR Cliff Sensors are located on the front left and right, and the rear left and right to prevent the cleaner from falling down steps or stairs
    • Power Brush Service Function indicates that power brush is locked by debris, etc
    • Buzzer and Blinking Light make nearby workers to be alert of the location of the cleaner while running; the buzzer can be muted
    • Large Carry Handle allows for one-handed carry
    • Dual LED Battery Charge Indicators show charge level for each battery
    • Easy Maintenance; Dust Box / Power Brush / Filter are wahable
    • Continuous Use (min.) : w/ BL1850B x2: 200
    • Continuous Use (min.) : w/ BL1830B x2: 120
    • Max cleaning area : w/ BL1850B x2: 500 m²
    • Max cleaning area : w/ BL1830B x2: 300 m²
    • Max running speed : 0.3 m/sec
    • Dust Box Capacity : 2.5 L
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 460x460x180 mm (18-1/8"x18-1/8"x7-1/8")
    • Net weight : 7.8 kg (16.1 lbs)
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