Pick Up & Delivery Options
  • Split bristle ends for best sweeping results
  • Continuously adjustable joint for flexible sweeping angle
  • Extra large shovel with dirt chamber that closes automatically.
  • Scraper edge for cleaning bristles
  • With integrated broom mount and eyelet for hanging
  • The sweeping set with lots of extras for greater cleanliness and comfort. The versatile broom's long handle is equipped with a continuously adjustable joint and reaches every corner. The advantage: the joint means the broom doesn't need to be tilted so the bristles always make full contact with the floor and sweep with you. The finely split bristle ends also ensure greater cleanliness. They increase the sweeping surface and even pick up the finest dust and hairs. To ensure that everything remains squeaky clean when disposing of dirt, the dirt chamber on the XL shovel closes automatically as soon as it leaves the floor. The broom and shovel are both equipped with a long handle for comfortable operation. All the sweeping can be done while standing up - without ever having to bend down. To save space during storage, the shovel handle comes with an integrated broom mount and an eyelet for hanging.

    • Extra Large Shovel With Dirt Chamber For The Safe Transport Of Dust And Hairs
    • Sweeper With Split Bristles Ends For Best Sweeping Results
    • Space Saving Hanging Up
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