Leifheit Laundry Dryer Pegasus 120

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Why we like this:the Laundry Dryer that fits easily every narrow bathroom. The two parallel supporting legs are narrow. The rounded off foot covers are made of the soft grip material. They ensure stability and are kind to the material of the bathtub. Despite its small size, it offers the whole Pegasus drying comfort: side foldable elements, which widen the drying length. They are also suitable for large laundry. In addition, it has sturdy supporting legs and drying bars, which do not sag even when they are used for heavy laundry. When folded, it is easy to store. All parts are rust proof.
  • Indoor laundry drying rack
  • 40-Feet drying space
  • Flat and angled surfaces for drying
  • Fits into all standard bathtubs
  • This compact indoor dryer is sturdy and robust, with up to 40'/12m of drying space.

    The Pegasus 120 air dryer stands on parallel supporting legs, so you hang your clothes and linen at a comfortable, accessible height. Its winged design provides not only extra drying space but also extra drying height for long garments and bulkier items. Rust resistant and easy to set out and put away, this air dryer is ideal for clothing, linens and more.

    Moreover, it fits inside any standard bathtub, so you can dry even sodden garments without having to clean up water spots later.

    With rounder, soft foot caps to ensure stability and to protect surfaces, you have the best of air drying without taking up excess usable space in your home. At Household Essentials, we work hard to anticipate your laundry and storage needs.

    This Pegasus 120 Compact air dryer from Leifheit is just one of the many innovations we offer to make your home more beautiful and efficient.

    So dry the old-fashioned way with this air dryer from our Household and Leifheit's to yours.

    • Drying length 12m
    • 75(H) x 155(W) x 44(D)cm
    • height of wings 92cm
    • Weight 2.8kg
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