Enta Bed Bug Spray Natural 500ml

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  • Remove any detachable mattress / cushion
  • Spray to cover all surfaces of the furniture frame.
  • The formulation can provide quick relief to such bed bug attacks. When active bed bugs come into contact with the surfaces pre-treated with the formulation, the insects will be demobilized almost instantaneously. Subsequently, the killing action can take place while the insect stays paralyzed. The bed bug has no chance to carry on with its biting.

  • Allow 2 hours for the pesticides to settle before putting back the mattress / cushion. The mattress / cushion must be treated separately. Apply as a light mist to the entire mattress / cushion, penetrating seams, tufts and folds. Allow the treated surface to dry for 4 hours before use. Do not sleep or sit directly on treated surfaces. Make sure the mattress / cushion has been dried, aired out and a sheet put on it. Active bed bugs are always difficult to be found. They are tiny, moving always strike during sleep, and can be almost anywhere. This bed / chair treatment will make your bed / chair ready for the intrusion of bed bugs during sleep.

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