HG Against Smelly Bin

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  • This bin air freshener absorbs smells and provides a fresh fragrance
  • Also works as a bin freshener for waste buckets, waste containers and wheelie bins
  • Trash can air freshener for indoors and outdoors
  • Rubbish bins, but also waste buckets, waste containers, wheelie bins, and nappy bins can really start to smell, particularly because of rotting vegetable, fruit, meat or fish waste and dirty nappies. The bin freshener HG against bin smell absorbs this smell effectively and produces a fresh fragrance.

  • How do you use the trash can odor eliminator HG against bin smell?

    Complete the following steps to prevent a smelly bin/wheelie bin by using the garbage can air freshener HG against bin smell.

    • Pour the amount of bin air freshener noted below in the empty waste bucket, bin or wheelie bin: Rubbish/nappy bin: 10 - 20 gram (1 - 2 caps) Rubbish bin: 20 - 30 gram (2 - 3 caps) Wheelie bin: 30 - 50 gram (3 - 5 caps)
    • Depending on the amount of waste, the time the waste stays in the bin and the temperature (quicker in summer), the product may lose its strength as a bin freshener. If necessary, add a new dose of HG against bin smell on top of the waste.
    • The bin smells fresh again!
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