HG 492065106 Silver Fast-Shine Dip 650ml

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  • Clean and shine in about 5 seconds
  • No polishing
  • Includes jewellery tweezers
  • Silver or silver-plated objects that have started to look dull and dark can be cleaned quickly with HG silver fast-shine dip. After this treatment with silver dip cleaner, the original shine and colour of silver objects is back!

    Remove deposits immediately with HG silver fast-shine dip
    HG silver fast-shine dip removes the deposit immediately and restores the original shine to silver or silver-plated jewellery, cutlery or coins. After dipping them for just 5 to 10 seconds in the silver dip, the objects regain their original shine and colour. It couldn't be faster!

  • How do you use HG silver fast-shine dip?

    Complete the following steps to restore the original shine of silver objects with HG silver fast-shine dip:

    • Use the supplied tweezers to dip the silver objects into the silver dip cleaner.
    • Remove them with the tweezers after 5 to 10 seconds.
    • Long objects that cannot be submerged completely, must be turned around and dipped again.
    • To protect the shine we recommend HG silver & copper polish-no-more. Except for cutlery and serving dishes that come into contact with food and drink.
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