HG Oil And Grease Stain Absorber 250ml

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  • Removes oil and grease stains
  • For porous, stone surfaces
  • Self-acting
  • HG oil & grease stain absorber (product 42) is an oil absorber that removes almost all types of oil and grease stains from all porous stone-like surfaces.

    Oil & grease stain remover for effective grease stain removal
    HG oil & grease stain absorber is an oil stain remover for natural stone that absorbs oil stains on flagstones, terra cotta, marble, sand-lime and other types of natural stone as well as cement and concrete floors. This oil absorber is a self-acting stain remover which absorbs the oil or grease from the stone.

  • How do you use HG oil & grease stain absorber?

    Follow the steps below to quickly and easily remove all types of oil and grease stains with HG oil & grease stain absorber.

    • Stir well before use.
    • Then apply a thick layer, approximately half a cm, of HG oil & grease stain absorber to the stain using a spatula or spoon.
    • Wait until it is completely dry, and the crust that has formed can be removed easily.
    • Any remaining crust can be removed using a damp cloth.
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