HG 433000106 Gold & Jewellery Shine Cloth

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  • Removes minor deposit
  • Polish shine
  • Special impregnated cloth
  • With cleaning and shine-restoring components
  • Large format cloth (30 x 30 cm)
  • HG gold & jewellery shine cloth is ideal for removing minor deposits from gold jewellery and giving it a wonderfully polished shine. Our gold polishing cloth makes polishing gold and jewellery easy!

    Top-quality shine-restoring jewellery cleaning cloth
    Need to polish jewellery? With the HG gold & jewellery shine cloth dirty gold objects are a thing of the past. Our jewellery cloth is made of a high-quality fabric and contains cleaning and polishing components. It can be used for quick and convenient daily cleaning of all gold jewellery without having to use additional products. As this gold cleaning cloth is extra large, you don't need to touch the gold with your hands. Fingerprints on gold accelerate the loss of shine.

  • How do you use HG gold & jewellery shine cloth?

    Complete the following steps to thoroughly remove deposits from jewellery with the HG gold & jewellery shine cloth:

    • Buff up the object with the HG gold & jewellery shine cloth until it shines.
    • Moisten a corner of the cloth to remove any deposits on gold jewellery and ornaments more easily. This is particularly convenient when you need to remove more stubborn dirt.
    • The jewellery cloth is reusable and retains its polishing power until it is completely worn, even when it has become black.
    • Is your jewellery scratched? Look at our HG gold shine balsam for removing scratches from gold jewellery.
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