HG 422005106 Stain Away No.3

Pick Up & Delivery Options
  • HG stain away no. 1 for stains caused by coffee, tea, ketchup, fruit, red wine, ink, etc.
  • HG stain away no. 2 for stains caused by marker pens, grease, oil, shoe polish, etc.
  • HG stain away no. 4 for stains caused by sauce, gravy, herbs, blood, milk, egg white, etc.
  • HG stain away no. 5 for stains caused by make-up, grass, pollen, marker pens, chewing gum, etc.
  • HG stain away no. 6 for stains caused by ballpoint, stubborn colourants, etc.
  • HG stain away no. 7 for rust stains


  • HG stain away no. 3 is the candle wax, tar and resin stain remover for fabric. HG stain away no. 3 is one of our 7 HG stain removal products. Take a look at our other products for removing all types of stains from textiles quickly and efficiently.

    Unique characteristics of HG stain away no. 3

    • Effective tar, resin and candle wax stain remover
    • Removes candle wax, tar and resin stains
  • How do you use HG stain away no. 3?

    Follow the steps below for easy candle wax, tar & resin stain removal from textiles:

    • Treat an inconspicuous part of the fabric first and test it for colourfastness.
    • Remove the residues from the stain as much as possible.
    • Fill a dish with HG stain away no. 3 and put the part with the stain in the dish.
    • Leave the stain to soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
    • Rub the fabric against the fabric and then rinse properly with warm water.
    • Repeat the treatment if necessary and leave to soak longer, but do not let the liquid dry out.
    • For smaller stains, put the fabric on an absorbent white surface, such as a white tissue for example.
    • Dab it with a cloth drenched in the product and then rinse with warm water.
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