HG 380000 Iron Cleaner

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  • Removes black iron residues
  • With special cleaning brush
  • HG iron cleaner removes stubborn black ironing stains from the iron without any difficulties. Cleaning an iron from time to time is important, because these stubborn residues stop your iron from gliding smoothly and they can stain clothing. HG iron cleaner is supplied with a special cleaning brush.

  • How do you use the HG iron cleaner?

    Do you need to clean your iron? Complete the following steps to remove stubborn black ironing residues with HG iron cleaner.

    • Turn the iron to the lowest temperature and apply HG iron cleaner sparingly to the iron soleplate with circular movements.
    • Clean the holes in the soleplate by using the supplied brush and then polish the plate with a clean, dry cloth.
    • Then increase the temperature of the iron to the "˜cotton' setting at 140°C.
    • Iron approximately 1 minute over a paper towel or cotton cloth.
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