HG 369030106 Air Con Cleaner 300Ml

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  • Simple in use
  • With a wonderfully fresh fragrance
  • HG air con cleaner cleans the car's air-conditioning system quickly and effectively and produces a wonderfully fresh fragrance. Over time, a car's air-conditioning system starts to spread a dirty, musty odour that is caused by accumulated dust, pollen, nicotine and other dirt in the car's air-conditioning. With this product you no longer need the garage to clean your car's air-conditioning.

  • How do you use HG air con cleaner?

    • Close all the windows of the car. Move the back of the seat as far forward as possible too, so that the spray mist cannot reach the back.
    • Switch on the car engine and put the air-conditioning in the recirculation position.
    • Put the fan in the highest position. 
    • Put the HG air con cleaner on the floor behind the passenger seat. Push down the spray button of the spray can until it locks into position. 
    • Leave the car, close all the doors and ensure the car is closed is completely. When the spray can is completely empty, allow the air-conditioning to run for at least another 5 minutes.
    • Then switch off the engine and ventilate the car thoroughly for at least 5 minutes by opening all the doors and windows.
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