HG Duo Unblocker 2 X 500ml

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  • Extremely powerful because of the unique 2-component technology
  • Ready for use
  • Safe for all drains
  • HG duo unblocker is for unblocking serious blockages in the drain. With this drain unblocker you no longer need a plumber! Blockages in the kitchen are caused by fat and food remnants. In the bathroom, they are caused by toothpaste, hair, soap remnants and skin grease. HG duo unblocker is the extremely powerful drain opener for kitchens and bathrooms!

    Safe 2-component unblocker
    Do you need an extremely powerful drain pipe cleaner? Put an end to the even the worst blockages with this extremely powerful unblocker. HG duo unblocker is based on a unique 2-component technology that can be used to remedy different types of persistent blockages effectively. It is safe to use and safe for all drains. Both components are ready to use and do not have to be diluted, which reduces the chance of splashing. Our powerful unblocker neither foams nor splashes when you pour it down the drain. In order to remove unpleasant smells from the kitchen or bathroom drain, we recommend HG drain odo

  • How do you use HG duo unblocker?

    There are different working methods depending on the location of the blockage. Below you can read the instructions for using HG duo unblocker in the kitchen or the bathroom.

    If you have a blockage in the kitchen

    • First remove as much as of the stagnant water as possible.
    • Carefully pour 1 measure of drain clog remover (see measures on the bottle) from bottle A (red bottle) down the blocked drain.
    • Carefully pour 2 measures (see measures on the bottle) from bottle B (purple bottle) down the blocked drain.
    • Leave the product to work for 1 hour. The longer you leave it to work, the greater the chance the blockage will be dissolved properly. If possible, use before going to sleep and leave it to work overnight.
    • Rinse with a liberal amount of water and then carefully pour the remainder of the liquid in bottle A and then the remainder of bottle B down the drain in order to achieve an optimum post
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