HG 330030106 Marble Polish (Product 44)

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  • Gives shine
  • Intensifies colour and structure
  • For all types of natural stone
  • HG natural stone gloss polis is ideal for quickly and simply restoring a beautiful shine to small surfaces such as tables, window ledges, kitchen work surfaces and doorsteps made from marble, travertine, hardstone (bluestone), granite and other types of natural stone. Natural stone simply shines like new again with our natural stone gloss polish!

    Natural stone polish also intensifies colour and protects against dirt and scratches
    Our HG natural stone polish also enhances the colour and structure of natural stone and protects it against dirt and scratching. This natural stone gloss polish is also very suitable for touching up scratched areas of polished natural stone.

  • How do you use HG natural stone gloss polish?

    Follow the steps below to get the best results with HG natural stone gloss polish:

    • Shake the natural stone polish well before use.
    • Then apply HG natural stone gloss polish thinly with a soft lint-free cloth.
    • Let the polish dry and then rub it in with a dry, lint-free cloth using circular motions. Continue until there is a beautiful, glossy shine.
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