HG 289050100 Rattan And Cane Restorer And Protector 500ml

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  • Restore and protects
  • Gloss wirh golden brown finish
  • UV resistant
  • HG rattan and cane restorer and protector gives rattan an attractive and new protective layer. The rattan will once again have a healthy gloss with golden brown colour and the UV resistant properties will helps prevent weathering and greying of the ratten. This product is also suitable for use on pulp cane.

    • Step 1: Remove any dirt, grease and dust from the rattan furniture.

    • Step 2: Shake the can well and spray HG rattan and cane restorer and protector approximately 40cm from the surface.

    • Step 3: Allow it to dry and re-apply 2-3 thin layers at 10 minutes interval.

    • Step 4: Leave it to dry for 24 hours and the furniture is ready for use again.

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