HG Liquid Antique Wax Brown 300ml

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  • Produces a hard and dirt-repellent gloss coat
  • Nourishes wood and prevents drying out
  • HG liquid antique wax brown is a natural nourishing product for dark wood types or antique furniture that prevents drying out. Our liquid brown beeswax works effectively, conveniently and quickly. After the treatment, the furniture has a fabulous look again!

    Dark antiquing wax for a beautiful polished shine
    The furniture wax polish produces a beautiful polished shine and its protective hard layer makes it highly dirt repellent. Our dark furniture wax polish also gives the furniture a natural look. It is a top-quality wood wax polish based on beeswax and carnauba wax. For lighter wood types and antique wood that may not become any darker, we recommend HG liquid antique wax yellow.

  • How do you use HG liquid antique wax brown?

    Complete these steps to protect furniture in the best possible way against stains and dirt with HG liquid antique wax brown:

    • Shake the bottle well before use.
    • Rub the wood lightly with HG liquid antique wax brown by using a soft cloth or a brush.
    • Then leave the wax to absorb for 15 minutes.
    • Now buff it up with a brush or cloth until you have a deep shine.
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