HG Protective Coating Gloss Finish 1L

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  • Protects against wear and damage to top layer
  • Gives shine
  • For all types of natural stone
  • HG protective coating gloss finish (product 33) is an easy to apply polymer emulsion. This emulsion forms a wafer-thin glossy yet extremely protective coating. Perfect for protecting marble or other natural stone and giving it a glossy shine.

    Marble sealer against wear and tear and other damages. Protect your natural stone floor and make it shine? This natural stone tile sealer protects the top layer of the natural stone against wear and damage by acids such as soft drinks and wine. This protective sealer film for natural stone also has an anti-slip effect. 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 60 m2 to 80 m2 per layer. This marble sealer is also available in a matt version.

  • How do you use HG protective coating gloss finish?

    Follow the steps below to protect your natural stone floor against wear and tear and other damages with HG protective coating gloss finish:

    • The surface must be completely clean and free of grease and dust.
    • Preferably apply with a waxer for even application. It is also possible to use a lint-free, clean tea towel wrapped around a squeegee. On coarse floors, use a paint roller (fur roller), taking care to avoid excessive foaming during application.
    • Dilute HG protective coating gloss finish 1 on 1 with cold water.
    • Pour the natural stone tile sealer solution over the floor and spread it in one direction over the natural stone floor with a waxer or roller.
    • After about 40 minutes, a second coat can be applied crosswise onto the first layer.
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