HG Quick Descaler

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  • For hot-water equipment
  • Removes scale and limescale
  • Extremely effective
  • HG quick descaler for coffee machines, kettles and washing machines removes scale and limescale in hot-water equipment, including coffee machines, electric kettles or washing machines. Our descaler removes scale and limescale effectively and is absolutely safe for the equipment.

    Using the descaler
    Scale and limescale deposits in coffee machines and other hot-water equipment mean the heater elements use more energy, which makes them less efficient and the elements wear out earlier. Furthermore, not using a coffee machine descaler for a coffee machine does not improve the flavour of the coffee. Reason enough to regularly use a descaler for your equipment. The instructions for scale removal differ from hot-water appliance to hot-water appliance and the hardness of the water is also an important factor in removing scale and limescale.

  • How do you use HG quick descaler?
    The descaling method depends on the type of machine.

    Use as coffee machine descaler:

    • Dilute 50ml of HG quick descaler with half a litre of water and pour it carefully into the reservoir of the coffee-maker.
    • Use the machine the way you would when you make coffee.
    • Pour the descaler solution down the drain. If the machine does not percolate properly, repeat the treatment with a new mixture of coffee machine descaler.
    • Finally, clean the machine three times with clean water to ensure no limescale or unwanted tastes remain.
      Use as kettle descaler:

    Use on electric kettle:

    • Dilute 50ml of HG quick descaler with half a litre of water and pour it carefully into the electric kettle.
    • Do not switch the kettle on, but leave the liquid to work cold for approximately 40 minutes.
    • Pour the solution down the drain. If the scale has not disappeared completely, repeat the treatment
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