HG 145050106 Bath Shine 500ml

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  • Highly concentrated
  • Does not contain scouring agents
  • Excellent as a mild sanitary cleaner or a floor cleaner
  • HG bath shine does not contain scouring agents or aggressive components, which makes it a safe sanitary cleaner for glaze, chrome, enamel, plastic, or painted surfaces. HG bath shine does not streak and regular use prevents limescale. Thanks to this sanitary cleaning product's high concentration, a couple of drops on a sponge is enough to make the bathroom shine again.

  • How do you use HG bath shine?
    Follow the steps below to return the shine to washbasins, bathtubs, toilet pans and other sanitary appliances with HG bath shine.

    For use with a sponge

    • Put a few drops of HG bath shine on a damp sponge and clean the surface thoroughly.
    • Rinse the surface or wipe it off with a damp cloth.
    • Spray a thin line of HG bath shine along the edge of the bathtub and clean with a damp sponge.
    • As a mild sanitary cleaner or a floor cleaner

    Pour a dash of HG bath shine in a bucket or tub of lukewarm water.
    This way you have great soapy water that you can use to clean larger surfaces, such as walls and floors, quickly and without streaks.

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