Hailo Aluminium Folding Step 2X2 Steps

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  • Aluminium folding steps for climbing and sitting on
  • With locking.
  • The small folding steps for quick use

    Whether you're looking for your favourite book on the top shelf or want to put glasses away in a high cabinet, when you need to get up high quickly, these folding steps with the large standing area will always come in handy.

    The locking mechanism prevents the steps from collapsing or pulling apart accidentally. Once you've found your favourite book, you can sit straight down on the top step to read it - that's if you've got the version with the upholstered folding seat made from PVC.

    The folding steps for climbing and sitting are particularly practical and convenient around the house. When you're done with it, just shove it under the table or in the corner again.

    Till the next time. A real help around the house.

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