Hailo K30 Aluminium Fold-Step Black Non Slip Mat 2 Steps

Pick Up & Delivery Options
  • Light flat aluminium folding steps
  • with large steel steps and non-slip mats
  • Folds up small.
  • By the left, quick march!

    Just stick the folding steps under your arm and take them with you whenever you have to clean the shelves in the cellar. Or tidy up the utility room. Or even change the bulb in the garage. This little chap with the large steel steps weighs just 3.3 or 4.6 kg.

    You can carry that, no problem!

    What's more, the elegant aluminium design cuts a fine figure wherever it goes. And because it can be folded down flat, stowing it away when the job is done is child's play too! These lightweight folding steps go everywhere.

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