Gardena G-8009 Wall-Fixed Hose Reel Set 20M

Pick Up & Delivery Options
  • Ready to use
  • No water spill
  • No kinking of the hose
  • One hose reel - 2 functions
  • Convenient watering
  • One product for two applications

    The Hose Reel supports you wherever you need it.It is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized gardens. With the freewheeling crank handle, the Hose Reel can be easily operated. It can also be folded for space-saving storage. The wall holder and screws, dowels and instructions for mounting are included. Mounting is totally easy. A swivel axle prevents the hose from turning when winding or unwinding. No puddles can form from spilling water and no water is wasted. The side-parts of the Hose Reel have a triangular structure and a low centre of gravity. All this makes watering much more fun.


    • Set : Classic hose, 1 x cleaning nozzle, 1 x water stop, 3 x            hose connector, 1 x tap
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