Gardena G-5031-20 Power Max Electric Lawnmower 1200W 32Cm

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  • Efficient cutting and collection
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy cutting-height adjustment
  • This easily manoeuvrable and lightweight Electric Lawnmower is perfect for caring for smaller lawn areas. The specially tempered blade delivers optimum cutting results. The ErgoTec handle is comfortable to hold and makes it extremely easy to push the lawnmower. The QuickFit feature allows easy central adjustment for 10 cutting height settings. Extra lawn combs at the sides of the housing ensure that the lawn is easily mown along walls and kerbs. The CnC System enables efficient cutting and collection. With its folding frame, the lawnmower is easy to transport and enables space-saving storage.

    • Power : 1200W
    • Cutting width : 32cm
    • Collector volume : 30l
    • Cutting height, min-max : 20-60mm
    • Cutting height steps : 10
    • Cutting height adjustment : central
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