Gardena G-202 Gardening Gloves Size 7/Small

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  • Non-toxic materials
  • Convincing functionality
  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • Modern, attractive design
  • Optimal fit
  • For all kinds of work in the garden

    The practical GARDENA Planting and Maintenance Gloves are the allrounders for garden work. They protect the hands for a variety of jobs and movements, e.g. for garden- and care work, such as planting or repotting, or also for raking, pruning or sweeping. The robust glove palms help keep a sturdy grip on e.g. pots and tools. Thanks to the excellently worked fingertips, delicate tasks can be performed. The perfect material quality made from breathable and durable cotton fabric allows sweat-free hands. The optimal fit and the specially worked thumb give additional wearing- and handling comfort, guarantee a well-sitting yet breathable feel, and give a long life. 90% cotton, 10% PVC
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