ENTA Lizard Trap

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A reliable, poison-free solution to sticky pest control problems Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use Ready to use Non-toxic Pre-baited Sanitary Convenient Disposable The trap is pre-baited with synthetic insect pheromones

Pheromone are chemicals insects excrete to communicate with their own kind

Insects leave behind trails of pheromones for their own kind to follow

Insect predators often use these pheromone trails to track down insects

House lizards (geckos), being an insect predator, will be lured by the scent and get itself stuck in the pool of slow-curing glue

No amount of toxins is ever present

Therefore, the trap is safe for children and pets

However, young children must be cautioned to avoid getting themselves stuck to the glue board

Once in contact with skin, cooking oil should be able to dissolve the glue on the skin

  • Size: 2 sets (contains 4 traps)
  • Country of origin: Singapore
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 x 13 x 0.1 cm
  • Weight: 0.02 kg
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