Colron Refined Wood Dye 250ml (English Light Oak)

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  • A superior blend of high-quality pigments- penetrates deep into the wood
  • provide long-lasting colour
  • highlights the natural beauty of the wood.
  • The more coats applied, the more intense the colour will be
  • Apply by cloth
  • Designed to be protected with Colron Refined Interior Lacquer
  • A deeply penetrative wood dye with lightfast pigments to ensure the colour doesn't yellow over time or fade on exposure to sunlight.

    • Available Colours: Georgian Medium Oak, Antique Pine, English Light Oak, Jacobean Dark Oak, Deep Mahogany, Indian Rosewood, White Ash, American Walnut
    • Area of use: Interior Wood
    • Application: Cloth
    • Drying time: 1 Hour
    • This has been designed to allow colour matching
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