Claber 9081 Elegant Dual Jet Pistol

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  • Lightweight and compact pistol with dual jet
  • concentrated or fan spray.
  • Ideal both for watering plants and for washing.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Handy front-mounted push-button mechanism
  • 2 flow settings.
  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • adjustable jet and water flow
  • comfortable handle grip
  • Versatile state-of-the-art design spray pistol, it can be used to water plants and also for outdoor cleaning work. Equipped with two different jets, concentrated or fan spray, which can easily be selected by simply rotating the front cap. The handy push-button system allows you to adjust and shut off the flow of water with a simple movement, without tiring your hand and directing the jet with the utmost precision.

    • Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
    • Jet adjustment: concentrated, fan
    • Water flow: adjustable
    • Adjustment: open/close
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