Claber 20 Logica Timer Kit

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  • Quality and durability
  • Push fittings
  • Laboratory tested drippers
  • Battery water timer with pre-set programs, tap connector, flexible hose, couplings, pressure stabiliser, adjustable drippers: everything you need to easily create a drip system for potted plants without using any tools, adjusting the amount of water delivered to each individual plant and choosing from 15 different programs, by simply rotating a knob.
    Ideal for DIY projects and also as a gift idea.
    Complete kit for 20 in-line drippers.
    Extensible as required by the addition of other components in the RainJet® series.
    Contains: Logicay® water timer.

    • Packaging:kit
    • Inlet thread:½", ¾"
    • Outlet quick connection:Quick-Click System
    • Pipe diameter:1/4"
    • Water flow:adjustable
    • Adjustment:open/close
    • Hose length:20m
    • Water flow:0,1 l/min
    • Outlets:1
    • Programmes:15preset
    • Frequency of watering cycles:2 per day o 1 per week
    • Watering duration:da 00:02' a 01:00'
    • Rain sensor:no
    • Powered by:1-9V
    • Weight:1032 gr.
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