Claber Jet Spray Starter Kit 1/2"

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  • Modern design
  • Nozzle with adjustment cap
  • Ergonomic couplings
  • Everything you need to water: all that's missing is the hose!
    Includes a compact and practical adjustable nozzle, which allows you choose from jet to fan spray, a 3/4" tap connector with 1/2" adapter that is easy to install tool-free and perfectly watertight, and two automatic Quick-Click couplings, one with Aquastop system, which allows you to quickly connect and disconnect the nozzle without having to shut off the tap.Contains: tap connector 3/4"� and reducer 3/4"�-1/2"� - automatic couplings (1/2"�) with and without aquastop - jet spray nozzle.

    • Packaging: kit
    • Inlet thread: ½", ¾"
    • Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
    • Outlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
    • Pipe diameter: 1/2"
    • Automatic water shut-off: Aquastop
    • Jet adjustment: concentrated, cone
    • Adjustment: open/close
    • Weight: 102 gr.
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