3M SCOTCH Mounting Square 25.4mm X 25.4mm

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  • Safer than screws or nails
  • Strong double-sided foam Square tape
  • Wall-mount pictures, decorations, and dispensed paper products
  • Use on most types of walls, ceramic tiles, and wood surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth.
  • Mount lightweight objects on smooth surfaces
  • Scotch ™ Indoor Mounting Tape makes it so easy to beautify and organize your space quickly and easily. Whether you're creating a gallery wall or affixing the family chore chart, this permanent double-sided foam tape delivers a strong bond every time. Your work is up and ready to admire in 30 seconds flat-no nails or hammer needed. Never let how you're going to hang it get in the way of your creativity with the powerful adhesion of Scotch ™ Indoor Mounting Tape.

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