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Having the right tools for basic home repairs would save you the hefty cost of hiring a handyman. However, that does not mean buying every tool at the hardware store. With so many options to choose from, we understand that it can be quite a hassle to go through every single one. Fret not, as we’ll be recommending you some tools for basic DIY projects, which you can then add on to if necessary for more advanced projects. Here are nine essential tools that every homeowner should have.


A claw hammer is a basic must-have for every home. It not only helps to drive nails into walls, it is also useful for knocking together your newly bought furniture. With its curved claw, pulling out bent nails gets a lot simpler.


Pliers are an essential for every toolbox due to its multitude of functions, from electrical repairs to plumbing. It would surely increase your efficiency when performing different jobs around the house.
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Putty Knife

Putty knives are useful for scraping and removal of old layers of paint, before starting on your repainting project.  It can also be used for applying filler materials to fill small holes and cracks in your walls.


The Makita 11pc Adjustable Wrench Set includes 10pcs 3/8" socket * 3/8" (10mm) * 7/16" (11mm) * 15/32" (12mm) * 1/2"(13mm) * 9/16" (14mm) * 19/32" (15mm) * 5/8" (16mm) * 11/16" (17mm) * 23/32" (18mm) * 3/4" (19mm) 1pcs adjustable wrench 200mm. The sockets work on 6-point,12-point, square, E-T, spline and partially rounded hex fasteners, allowing you to fix all kinds of things like loose pipes, nuts and bolts.

Measuring Tape

Wondering if your new set of furniture fits the pre-existing space? Don’t worry, as a measuring tape can help alleviate this problem. The Makita Measuring Tape 5.5M measures length up to 5.5 metres. With its added durability and easy to read scales, it would allow you to measure every angle of your room with ease.


Apart from coming in handy during unfortunate events such as blackouts, a flashlight can also help you to reach dark corners of your house during home repairs. The Makita Cordless LED Flashlight delivers 160 lumens of light and up to 14 hours of illumination.

Power Drill-driver & Drill bits

Cordless drills are portable and efficient, eliminating the need of sourcing for an electrical outlet to power your drill. It would be recommended to invest in more drill bits to better equip yourself for performing different DIY functions. The Makita Cordless Drill Driver Kit 12V is compact yet powerful, coupled with the Makita Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set, is sure to suffice for basic DIY projects.

Screw Driver

With a multitude of functions not limited to just driving in screws but also prying off lids, this is a must-have for any homes. A Phillips head and flathead screwdriver would be sufficient for most DIY jobs. The Makita Cordless Screw Driver 3.6V Kit comes with 81 bits to perform a variety of different functions.


Lastly, a toolbox, to keep your collection of tools in a toolbox keeps things organized and handy! The Makita MakPac 2 Toolbox has an innovative stackable case design for efficient  organization, transporting and protection of tools.

As an authorized Makita dealer, Intertech Hardware offers a diverse selection of Makita tools and spare parts that are dedicated to power and quality.

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