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Choosing the right types of paints can be complicated, especially with the vast varieties available on the market. Here is what you need to know before deciding on your desired paint:

The most common interior paint finishes are matte/eggshell, satin/soft sheen and for wood and metal, semi-gloss, and high-gloss, that are arranged in an increasing order of reflectiveness, which is also known as paint sheen.

Paint sheen is the amount of light that reflects from the paint, therefore a higher sheen would mean a greater shine. Choosing the best sheen would depend on how you want the space to look. For example, choosing an interior paint finish of soft sheen would help dim spaces look brighter, as compared to using a matte finish.

Matte paints

are non-reflective and provide the highest coverage, requiring fewer coats of paint compared to the other finishes. However, they are the least durable and are dirtied easily. Therefore, it would be recommended to use a matte finish in spaces that are less accessible, such as ceilings and rooms, to minimize any possible dirt adhesion. Apart from delivering a smooth matt finish to your surfaces, the Dulux Pentalite has the Paint Happy Technology, making it odour free when painting!

Eggshell Paint

As the name goes, gives a smooth finish like an eggshell. With greater durability and reduced likelihood of picking up dust or dirt as compared to matte finishes, it is perfect for common living spaces such as your living and dining room. The Zinsser Perma White comes in an eggshell finish and is widely used as a mould and mildew proof paint for walls and ceilings. Zinsser Perma White also comes in a satin finish that gives a low sheen finish. It makes the wall easier to clean and the room brighter with mould and mildew properties.

Soft sheen paints

Like Dulux Ambiance All and Dulux Wash and Wear give a brighter finishing with their more reflective finishing. They are easily washable and is a great choice especially when you have children who love to treat your walls as their drawing canvas.

Satin Finishing

For wood and metal is not commonly available but the Dulux Satinwood features a luxury satin finish with long-lasting protection, perfect for both wood and metal surfaces, indoor and outdoor use.

Semi-gloss paints

Are not matte but yet maintain some form of sheen. It gives the painted wood or metal surface a touch of elegance and makes it easier to clean. The Raffles R.Aqua has a semi-gloss finish. Furthermore, it is a 2-in-1 water-based enamel paint and primer, a paint that does both the primer and topcoat together as one!

High-gloss paints

Are the most reflective of all paint finishes and help to provide your space with a greater appeal by highlighting any features. It is recommended to use water-based gloss paints for indoors and oil-based paints for outdoor painting projects. With its high shine and durability, it is the most ideal for outdoor areas as they are most prone to damages. The Nippon Bodelac 9000 is a high-gloss paint with a tough and bright finish, giving metallic surfaces a warm glow or wood surfaces a cool, glossy finish.

Check out the wide range of paints on the Intertech online store here, where you’ll find all the top paint brands such as Dulux, Nippon and Raffles paints. With plenty of colours to choose from, you are sure to find your desired colour for your home! If you need some suggestions on which colours to choose, be sure to read our previous blog for our colour recommendations to make your room look bigger here.

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