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How to make a room look bigger with paint?

Choosing a paint colour for your room can be really tricky, especially since your favourite colours may not always be the most optimal choice. Do you know that certain colours can change one’s spatial perception, thus allowing your room to look visually bigger? While it is perceived that light colours tend to make spaces bigger, given that these colours reflect more light, dark colours too can also make your spaces look bigger by blurring the lines between edges. Here are five colours that you can consider the create the feeling of a larger room.

Learn more about how white paint can make your room look bigger



White is no doubt the most ideal colour that will make your room seem bigger, since it is the most reflective colour. This effect will be amplified in spaces with large or more windows, since it means that more light will enter your house and brighten the entire space up. Using satin paints will help you enhance this effect.

Light Taupe

If you feel that white might seemed too basic, you can consider light taupe. This is the perfect colour for someone who wants a light tone but not completely white. Not only does light taupe result in a similar effect as white when it comes to making your room seem larger, it also adds a feeling of elegance, which instantly upgrades your space.

Paint tricks with taupe to make your room look bigger

How to use pastel paint colours to make your room look bigger

Pastel Colours

Almost all pastel colours will make your room look bigger, since they share common property of reflecting light as with white. But if you really have to choose, one of my personal favorites is pastel blue. Not only does it make your room looks bigger, it brings about the feeling of calmness and tranquility, which are associated with nature (e.g. the sky, or the calm waters).


This is a surprising colour to suggest, especially due to popular belief that black will make your place seem smaller. However, black can be useful in rooms with none or little amount of light to create the illusion of having additional depth in your room, since the lines between edges are blurred. Furthermore, it is a classy colour that gives an intimate feeling, so it definitely won’t go wrong.

Black paint can make your room use bigger if used correctly


A mixture of white and black, it possesses the benefits of both dark and light colours. Apart from reflecting light like the colour white, it also creates depth like what darker colours do, thereby making your room look visually bigger. It is recommended to use it in rooms with moderate amount of light.

Use Grey to make a room look bigger with paint


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Tao Hai Sin
Tao Hai Sin

November 10, 2020

I plan to paint hand crafted wooden furniture white. Do I need an undercoat, or 2 coatings of the white paint would be sufficient?

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