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According to Singapore Power, Singapore's standard electricity supply is 230 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz (230V/50Hz). The power plugs and sockets are mainly of type G, similar to that of Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the UK. Different countries may use a different main plug from that of Singapore. To prevent electrical accidents such as fires from happening, you should always ensure that you use the correct type of plug for the electrical sockets here in Singapore. Here are the 3 types of main plugs suitable for use in Singapore.

The 2.5A 2 round-pin mains plug

Does not rely on the ‘Earth’ wire and hence are not grounded, leaving the user unprotected from a short circuit. Only 2 pins are needed – one for the ‘Live’ wire and the other for the ‘Neutral’ wire. They are generally used for smaller electrical appliances such as DVDs and audio sets.

The 13A 3 pin fused mains plug

Has a metal body which must be grounded to protect the user from electrocution in the event of a short circuit. They are generally used for electrical appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave ovens.

The 15A 3 round-pin mains plug

Is used generally for air-conditioners. Take note, the 13A and 15A mains plugs are controlled goods under the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Regulations. They must be affixed with the SAFETY Mark which carries a unique certification number traceable to the supplier. When purchasing a mains-powered electric appliance, always ensure that its mains plug carries a SAFETY Mark.

If you aren’t using the correct type of main plug, it’s time to replace them with those with safety marks. It is affixed with the SAFETY Mark and features fireproof properties and high heat resistance to protect yourself from any electrical accidents.

Blog credits to Enterprise Singapore https://www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/quality-standards/consumer-protection/for-consumers/product-safety-tips-for-consumers/type-of-mains-plugs-suitable-for-use-in-singapore.

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